Fenix laminate premium kitchens

Fenix laminate FTM is one of the most interesting and innovative materials which we are using to manufacture our kitchens. Developed by Italian engineers from Arpa Industriale posses unique set of abilities which makes it a very attractive solution for the kitchen furniture production. Especially for the projects where the customer is interested in a contemporary style and matt finish.

We completing this range with high-quality Blum components including servo drive system and also a wide range of drawer solutions. All that can be completed with KitchenAid appliances from our offer.

Fenix laminate
Photo. Grigio Londra

Physical and visual abilities of the Fenix NTM laminates.

Fenix NTM is a unique nanotech material developed for interior design applications with outstanding properties.

It works perfectly in the design of modern style contemporary kitchens and very well blends in with natural materials.

For example, it may surround the central veneered section shown in natural stained brushed oak or any other type of wood or be combined with our metallic, Beton, and stone finished elements.

We can actually say that it is one of the most interesting materials which can be used to manufacture modern style furniture these days if you consider laminate finish.

FENIX NTM kitchens

It characterizes with several properties.

  • Ultra matt effect,
  • soft-touch,
  • anti-fingerprint,
  • highly scratch-resistant
  • with self-healing properties for small scratches,
  • dry heat resistant,
  • stain proof,
  • colour consistent and
  • anti-bacterial
  • high resistance to acid solvents
    and household reagents.

Fenix NTM kitchens colour choice

That range is available in a generous pallet of 21 ultra matt finishes.

Bespoke Fenix laminate color finishes

Fenix NTM on the plywood core.
Fenix NTM applied on the plywood core.

Fenix NTM worktops

As a complement to doors and panels finished with a coat of laminate we can also provide a solution which are highly durable worktops in the full range of Fenix colours. For that purpose, we are using 12mm thick solid laminate which can be fabricated exactly to the customer requirements. All properties of the material stay the same plus it is totally waterproof element.

Fenix NTM 12mm solid worktop
12mm solid Fenix NTM worktop.

Endless material configurations

We can combine this material with many different types of worktops, KitchenAid appliances, wide range of MFC boards carcases, solid wood and plywood materials.

All designed precisely to the customer’s requirements, manufactured and fitted with attention to details. This design can be finished with many different types of handles, but it works exceptionally well in the handless configuration.


Find out more about Fenix laminates specification and possibilities by downloading technical brochures or watch the video.

How to order your modern style kitchen with Fenix NTM elements?

To find out more about to possibility of having your kitchen made with the use of Fenix laminates and other high-quality furniture components feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation in our workshop/showroom.


You can contact us personally or ask you an interior designer to get back to us with prepared design.


We will be happy to show you available materials components and possible construction solutions which will optimise functionality and visual appearance of your kitchen.