White Fenix NTM kitchen

Plywood kitchens. Quality bespoke made to measure furniture .

One of the most durable and eco-friendly solutions available in our offer is handmade plywood kitchen furniture. Using plywood to manufacture your potential kitchen takes it to another level.

Plywood cabinets, especially birch plywood, which we recommend to our customers, compared to MFC or MDF, perform much better in the matter of endurance and water resistance while at the same time giving plenty of colour and style options and a feeling of natural finish, which brings to your kitchen a unique visual experience.

How our bespoke plywood kitchens are manufactured?

The same as all furniture in our offer, your kitchen is manufactured in our workshop by a team of experienced detail-focused professional cabinet makers.

We manufacture doors, carcasses, and worktops using different types of plywood, which can be oiled, waxed, varnished or laminated depending on the customer’s requirements.

For those customers who would like to combine different materials to bring the value of their kitchen to a higher or slightly more cost-effective option. We can combine many different options including.

Plywood kitchens laminated with Fenix NTM

This is a type of modern style kitchen manufactured on the base of birch plywood finished with very attractive and durable Fenix NTM laminates. Kitchen plywood cabinets for this type are available in two options. The Premium version is made of 18mm solid birch plywood, or the standard version 18mm Egger MFC finished with plywood edging.

Fenix NTM island

Plywood kitchens laminated with ceramic materials

This line of our ceramic coated bespoke kitchens is our flagship. To manufacture this type of furniture for cabinets, we use high graded birch, or hardwood plywood finished with natural veneers, for example, oak veneers, walnut veneers, mahogany veneers for those who are looking for natural and classic solutions.

And for those who are looking for a more durable material, we can laminate the inside of the cabinets with a wide range of solid laminates, which will make your kitchen a long-lasting solution.

Xtone kitchen line

Plywood kitchens laminated with Corian.

Another premium and highly durable solution available in the range of our bespoke plywood kitchens is a combination of birch plywood with 12mm Corian panels. Again the cabinet carcases can be made in two premium and standard versions. However, doors and worktops are covered with panels made of Corian available in a wide range of structures and colours.

Corian Kitchen worktops
Source CDUK

Oil waxed plywood kitchens.

Oiled or vaxed plywood kitchens it is a solution dedicated to customers who are looking for the most ecological and natural kitchens. The whole furniture is made on the base of birch or hardwood plywood, depending on visual requirements.

Birch Plywood kitchen
Photo. JSDECO.co.uk

Veneered plywood kitchens

Veneered plywood kitchens are the optional solution for those who are looking for eco-furniture however they would like to have more flexibility in the matter of visual finishes. The core of the cabinets and doors is made of birch or hardwood plywood and all visible elements are covered with high-quality natural veneers. Including the most popular oak, cherry, and walnut, but also more exotic like ebony, zebrano, or mahogany.

Plywood kitchens by style

Handleless kitchens

Presently, the most popular version in plywood kitchens is a handleless solution. The construction, in that case, is based on the MFC or plywood carcases integrated with the recessed aluminium profile.

Next to practical benefits, that type also gives a very pleasing visual effect. All doors are made of plywood and could be finished with various available materials depending on customers’ budgets and requirements.

Modern style plywood kitchen
White matt handleless plywood core kitchen.

Plywood white kitchen
Photo. JS DECO

Fenix Blu FES kitchen

Modern style plywood design

Plywood kitchens with handles

Wy can also adopt plywood materials to manufacture more standard handled kitchens, which again combines the physical and visual benefits of plywood and can be complemented with a wide range of handles.

Furnipart handles for plywood kitchens
Furnipart handles

Plywood worktops

As an option, for completing plywood cabinets we can also prepare Plywood core worktops. Most of the time in two thicknesses, 24 and 36 mm. The worktops are covered with laminates which will exactly match one of the 170 finish decors used for the kitchen doors.

Plywood core industrial style kitchen worktop
Sample of use 38 mm laminated plywood worktop.

Plywood kitchens colour range.

Plywood cabinets made at our workshop are fully customisable. Our customers have the choice of 170 decors EGGER Laminates  MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certified. The MED quality, which is confirmed by Lloyd’s certificates, enables laminates in shipbuilding. All made that way will fit the kitchen space with maximum use of its potential.

Sample of plywood kitchen doors
Available colours of plywood kitchens

This technology is also widely used to manufacture worktops, making it one of the most durable solutions on the furniture market.

Available colours of laminates which we can apply in our kitchen furniture.
A wide range of decors is available in our plywood kitchens.

Plywood kitchens advantages.

  • Attractive and modern look
  • Available in over 170 decor options.
  • Abrasion, impact and scratch-resistant
  • High water resistance
  • High chemical resistance covering substances from The EN 438 Standard, including Acetone, organic solvents and many other substances.
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Suitable for shipbuilding (MED certified)

How to order your plywood kitchen with us?

We are happy to design manufacture and supply this kind of kitchen furniture for private customers, interior designers, kitchen studios, and developers who are looking for customised furniture solutions. To find out how to start your project go to contact us section.

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