White Matt Plywood handleles kitchens

One of the most durable solutions available in our offer is plywood core kitchen furniture. Using plywood to manufacture your kitchen takes it to another level in the mater of endurance at the same time giving plenty of colour and style options. We can manufacture doors, carcasses and worktops with the use of laminated plywood. But also optionally use a wide range of MFC boards to produce carcases and plywood for the doors which optimising the cost of this kind of kitchen furniture and still offers high durability doors which are mostly exposed for the damages and contact with water.

Plywood handleless kitchens

The most popular solution in that style presently is a handleless solution.  The construction, in that case, is based on the MFC carcases with integrated recessed aluminium profile which next to practical benefits gives also very attractive visuall effect. All doors are made of plywood, finished with laminate at the front and back. The edges are sealed with highly durable water-resistant lacquers.

Modern style plywood kitchen
White matt handleless plywood core kitchen.

Plywood kitchens with handles

Wy can also adopt plywood materials to manufacture more standard handled kitchens, which again combining physical and visual benefits of plywood and can be complemented with a wide range of handles.

Furnipart handles
Furnipart handles

Plywood worktops

As an option, we can also prepare Plywood core worktops in two thicknesses 24 and 36 mm, which will exactly match one of the 170 finish decors used for the kitchen doors.

Best industrial style kitchen
Sample of use 38 mm laminated plywood worktop.

Plywood kitchens colour range.

Plywood core kitchens made at our workshop are fully customizable. Our customers have the choice of 170 decors EGGER Laminates  MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certified. The MED quality, which is confirmed by Lloyd’s certificates, enables the use of laminates in shipbuilding. All made that way that it will fit the kitchen space with maximum use of its potential.

Plywood kitchen doorsThis technology is also widely used to manufacture worktops which makes it one of the most durable solutions on the furniture market.

Egger laminate boards decors
Wide range of decors available to chose in our plywood core kitchens.

Plywood kitchens advantages.

  • Attractive and modern look
  • Available in over 170 decor options.
  • Abrasion, impact and scratch-resistant
  • High water resistance
  • High chemical resistance covering substances from The EN 438 Standard including Acetone, organic solvents and many other substances.
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Suitable for shipbuilding (MED certified)

Laminate technology joining High endurance and resistance with attractive visual effects. It should not be confused with commonly used MFC boards. Which look similar at first glance, but have much worse properties.

We are happy to design manufacture and supply this kind of kitchen furniture for private customers, interior designers, kitchen studios, and developers who are looking for customised furniture solutions. To find out how to start your project go to contact us section.