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Birch plywood kitchens

Durable and sustainable kitchen and wardrobe solutions.

Handmade birch ply furniture, one of the most popular products made in our studio workshop, is delivered and installed across the entire UK. It consistently receives excellent feedback from our customers, and there are multiple reasons behind its success

Opting for plywood in the manufacturing of your kitchen furniture or wardrobe adds not only a touch of sophistication and a natural feel but also assures greater durability.

Our bespoke plywood cabinets, particularly those crafted from birch plywood which we highly recommend, surpass their MFC or MDF counterparts in endurance and water resistance.

Plywood boasts an extensive palette of colors and styles. Whether paired with the natural allure of wood or modern and durable laminate finishes, it delivers a unique and visually stunning experience in your kitchen.

Having total control over the production process, we ensure that you receive not only total flexibility and exceptional quality but also a product optimized to fit your budget.

Feel free to browse our pages to find the furniture version you like, and contact us for a consultation. We are here to recommend the optimal configuration for your taste and budget. However, if you don’t find what you like, come to us with inspiration, and we will make a kitchen or wardrobe matching your dreams.


With years of experience in the UK market.

Oil waxed plywood kitchens.

The Sustainable and eco friendly solution of bespoke plywood kitchens.

Oiled or waxed, naturally beautiful plywood kitchens are ideal for customers who want the most eco-friendly and natural-looking kitchens. All the furniture is crafted from birch or hardwood plywood to meet different style preferences.

These kitchens stand out because they’re finished with oils or waxes that bring out the wood’s natural patterns and protect it. This not only makes the kitchen durable but also preserves the wood’s natural feel.

Whether you like the light, even look of birch or prefer to experiment with different dye colors, we can manufacture your kitchen exactly to your requirements.

Oiled and waxed

Veneered plywood kitchens

Veneered plywood kitchens

The premium solution for modern and traditional plywood kitchens

Veneered plywood kitchens are the optional solution for those who are looking for eco-furniture; however, they would like to have more flexibility in the matter of visual finishes.

The core of the cabinets and doors is made of birch or hardwood plywood, and all visible elements are covered with high-quality natural veneers, including the most popular oak, cherry, and walnut, but also more exotic like ebony, zebrano, or mahogany.

The most popular and durable is oak veneer, which can be dyed to many different colours and shades to achieve a particular visual effect.

Plywood kitchens laminated with Fenix NTM

The Highly Durable and Colorful Choice for Your Kitchen

This type of modern-style kitchen falls into the high-end range. It is crafted from 18mm birch plywood and finished with a choice of highly durable laminates. In addition to the Fenix NTM laminate, available in a selection of over 30 deep matte, fingerprint-resistant colors, we also offer Formica and Egger laminates, known for their robustness and wide range of aesthetic options.

The cabinets are offered in two versions: the Premium, made of 18mm solid birch plywood, and the Standard, constructed from 18mm Egger MFC with a plywood edge finish. This choice of materials ensures both quality and variety in design, allowing for a personalized kitchen that meets specific tastes and needs.

Both options, like our other kitchens, are equipped with Blum mechanical components, which come with a furniture lifetime warranty. With these diverse laminate options, we aim to provide not only functionality and durability but also a touch of elegance and style suited to any modern kitchen

Laminated plywood kitchens

Plywood kitchens laminated with ceramic materials

Ceramic covered plywood kitchens

Ceramic cladding plywood handleless kitchens.

Our ceramic-coated bespoke kitchen line is our flagship collection. To craft this furniture for cabinets, we utilize high-grade birch or hardwood plywood, finished with natural veneers such as oak, walnut, and mahogany for those seeking classic and natural solutions.

For those in search of more durable materials, we offer the option to laminate the interior of the cabinets with a wide selection of solid laminates, ensuring a long-lasting kitchen solution.

Birch ply kitchens laminated with Corian.

The Corian cladding solution for high durability and reconditioning properties.

Another premium and highly durable solution available in the range of our bespoke birch ply kitchens is a combination of birch plywood with 12mm Corian panels. Again the cabinet carcases can be made in two premium and standard versions. However, doors and worktops are covered with panels made of Corian, available in various structures and colours.

It is a highly durable and antibacterial option often used in professional and commercial kitchens.

Corian covered

Plywood kitchens by style

Samples of Handleless kitchens

Currently, the most popular style for plywood kitchens features a handleless design. In this case, the construction is based on MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) or plywood carcasses integrated with a recessed aluminum orm colour matching profile. In addition to practical benefits, this type also offers a very pleasing visual effect. All doors are made from plywood and can be finished with a variety of materials to suit customers’ budgets and requirements.

Oak veneered kitchen
Birch kitchen laminated with fenix
Fenix ntm green kitchen
Pywood kitchen fenix laminated
Plywood kitchen formica laminate

Samples of Kitchens with handles and routed handles.

Our design team is skilled in customizing and utilizing plywood materials to craft conventional kitchens with handles. This approach not only harnesses the inherent durability and aesthetic appeal of plywood but also allows for personalization through an extensive selection of handle designs. These kitchens blend the tactile and visual allure of plywood with functional hardware, providing a tailored finish that meets individual style preferences and practical needs.

Birch oiled with handles
Black birch plywood kitchen
White FENIX NTM on the plywood core
Green plywood kitchen
Fenix plywood kitchen with handles
Ruoted handles kitchen

How our bespoke plywood kitchens are manufactured?

Fully customizable in every aspect.

The same as all furniture in our offer, your kitchen is manufactured in our workshop by a team of experienced, detail-focused professional cabinet makers.

We manufacture doors, carcasses, and worktops using different types of plywood, which can be oiled, waxed, varnished or laminated depending on the customer’s requirements.

For those customers who would like to combine different materials to bring the value of their kitchen to a higher or slightly more cost-effective option. We can combine many different options, including.

Bespoke plywood doors

Bespoke birch ply doors

Our customers can choose from birch plywood doors finished with Fenix NTM laminates, Formica Laminates, Egger laminates, Corian cladding, Ceramic cladding, and an endless array of dye colors for use with both birch and oak veneers. Door sizes are fully flexible and are tailored to meet the priorities established during the design and consultation phase, unlike the constraints often found with mass-manufactured products.

Bespoke plywood carcases

Bespoke birch plywood cabinets

Plywood cabinets crafted in our workshop are fully customizable. Carcasses can be constructed from birch plywood or oak-veneered birch plywood, and finished with oils, waxes, or lacquers available in various sheens and colors. Every single project is carefully discussed with the customer to ensure the cabinets are manufactured precisely according to their requirements in terms of form, size, and functionality.

Bespoke plywood worktops

Birch plywood worktops

Plywood is also a viable material for manufacturing worktops, making it one of the most durable options in the furniture market. We most often use various types of laminates to enhance durability. However, plywood can be combined with materials like Corian and ceramics to achieve an even higher specification for worktops. The thickness of these worktops ranges from 12 mm to 38 mm, with 24 mm being the most popular choice nowadays.

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The most fantastic service, quality and professionalism.

I could not have asked for more and cannot recommend highly enough. Jacek helped me design my kitchen and three sets of wardrobes. I am delighted with all of them.

All my friends are totally wowed by them all. The quality and finish are top-notch. The price is so reasonable compared to all the high street shops. I am now looking to get them to make some shelves for me as I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

Sangita M, London

We engaged JS Deco to build and install our kitchen renovation.

The team are exceptionally professional and are real masters of their craft. They are similarly personable and easy to get along with. The workmanship in our new kitchen is second to none! Everything from the quality of the materials to the quality of the carpentry is excellent.

We are absolutely thrilled with the work that JS Deco did for us and would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody.

Lissy Kelleher-Clarke, London

I can’t recommend JS Deco highly enough. They designed and installed our bespoke plywood kitchen, and we couldn’t be happy with the job! Nothing was too much to ask, and Jacek helped with the design input too. All of the team were super professional and helpful. JS Deco provide quality kitchens at a really reasonable price!

North Star Orders, Leeds

We contacted Jacek, having come to the conclusion that so many supposedly bespoke wardrobe makers really are just not. We contacted many companies, including Sharps and others, only to be told that we had to have what they sold as opposed to what we actually had designed.

Jacek was fantastic from start to end. He is extremely considerate and professional, and he is straight. If he says he will do something on a certain date, you can guarantee that will be the case. He has a lot of experience and ideas, and advice on the best products.

His team are an absolute delight to have in your home. Efficient, friendly, super clean, hard-working and perfectionist. They were at pains to ensure we had the absolutely perfect product installed, and they did it.

So really, really happy with our wardrobes, They are luxurious. Jacek came at the start for the handover of the project and also at the end to ensure he himself was pleased with the workmanship.

All discussions on cost and budget were open and honest, which is very important to us and a breath of fresh air in this marketplace. We are so pleased we have told Jacek we will be asking him to do our kitchen.

Couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Kevin Moyles, Leeds

We used Js Deco to assemble and fit our new kitchen.

Work was completed to a high standard and finished ahead of time. Also used them to hang internal doors, and yet again, the work was great. They were very accommodating and worked around our time schedule. Would not hesitate to recommend them – they were highly professional and clean and tidy.

Maria, Wakefield

So pleased with our new fitted wardrobes from JS Deco. They have completely transformed our bedroom. We are in a new build house and saw these in the Keepmoat show home, they didn’t come with the house, but we are so happy we made the additional investment. From the design stage to the fitting of the wardrobe, we received highly professional service. JS Deco were transparent with pricing, helpful with choosing options and managed to fit us into their schedule earlier than expected. I would highly recommend.

Emma Roberts, Leeds

Jacek and team designed and fitted a kitchen that has created a fabulous open-plan kitchen diner. Modifications to the design were necessary after the extension was refurbished, and this was undertaken without problem. The work was completed quickly and tidily, and any adjustments after tiling or electrics were included. I am incredibly pleased with the final result and would recommend Jacek without hesitation.

Kat Hobdell, Leeds

Great neat design and workmanship. The kitchen units fitted our measurements perfectly. Helpful with quick responses to questions during the design process and afterwards when we fitted the kitchen. The kitchen and long distance delivery came in within the quoted price. I would recommend this company. 

Sarah Bates, Stroud

Absolutely fantastic quality and service. Jacek was very helpful with ideas and colour choices. We had very particular storage needs, and he worked with us to find the perfect design and fit. We have a small kitchen area, and he managed to make use of all the area while still giving a sense of space. He also was flexible, given our changing needs. The wardrobes and shelves are solid and fit to perfection. We couldn’t be happier!

Dalal, London

“Jacek and his team were absolutely brilliant. We had a vision for our new kitchen, and they designed it and executed it better than we could have imagined. The attention to detail and the finish they achieved is amazing. We’d definitely use JS DECO again.” 

Stewart Williams, Leeds


What are the benefits of plywood kitchen cabinets?

Plywood is a good choice for kitchen cabinets because it is more stable in high-humidity environments and resists warping or cracking. It is also made from renewable wood sources and is, therefore, a sustainable material.

  • Attractive and modern look
  • Available in multiple decor options.
  • High water resistance
  • Suitable for shipbuilding (MED certified)

Are plywood kitchen cabinets durable?

Plywood is a good choice for kitchen furniture, such as cabinets and worktops, due to its inherent strength and durability, which are key considerations in a kitchen environment where the furniture is subjected to frequent use and varying conditions.

Layered Construction: Plywood is an engineered wood product made from three or more thin layers of wood veneers, or plies, that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. This cross-graining technique reduces the risk of expansion and shrinkage, giving the plywood stability and reducing the likelihood of warping or cracking, which is essential in the kitchen where temperature and humidity can fluctuate.

Strength: Because of its layered structure, plywood is strong and can bear heavy loads. This makes it suitable for holding countertops, heavy kitchen appliances, or stacks of dishes in upper cabinets without bending or sagging over time.

Resistance to Moisture: While not completely waterproof, certain types of plywood, like marine plywood or those treated with water-resistant glues, are quite resilient against moisture. In a kitchen, exposure to steam and spills is common, and plywood’s ability to withstand this, to some extent, makes it suitable for such an environment.

Versatility in Finishing: Plywood can be finished with a variety of sealants, laminates, or veneers, which not only enhances its appearance but can also provide additional protection from moisture, heat, and scratching. Finishes like laminates or lacquers can further extend the life of plywood kitchen furniture.

Ease of Repair and Maintenance: Should the surface get damaged, it can be sanded down and resealed or refinished, which is a significant advantage over some other materials that when damaged, might need complete replacement.

What is the cost of fully bespoke plywood kitchen.

The cost of a fully bespoke plywood kitchen is influenced by various factors, and understanding these can help in estimating the overall budget for such a project.


Firstly, the size of the kitchen is a primary cost driver. Larger kitchens require more materials and labor, thereby increasing the overall price. If the kitchen has a larger footprint or requires more cabinetry, this will naturally lead to a higher cost.


Secondly, the type of components selected also plays a significant role in pricing. Bespoke kitchens involve custom-made cabinets, drawers, and items that can vary in price. High-end hardware, such as soft-close hinges and custom organizers, will add to the cost.

Similarly, the choice of finishes, like the aforementioned Fenix NTM laminates, Formica, Egger laminates, and additional options such as Corian or Ceramic cladding, also affects the final price.

Premium materials and finishes are more expensive but contribute to the durability and aesthetic of the kitchen.


Thirdly, the complexity of the design influences the cost. A kitchen with simple, straight-line cabinets will be less expensive than one with intricate designs, custom-built islands, or features like integrated appliances, which require more time and skill to construct and install.


Given these variables, bespoke plywood kitchens starting budget is around £15,000. However, most projects oscillate between £25,000 and £50,000. This price range accounts for a moderate to high level of customization and material quality. Very complex projects, which may include luxury finishes and extensive custom work, can exceed this range, reaching higher budgets accordingly.

Can you make kitchen or wardrobe based on the photos submitted by the customer?

Absolutely, we can create kitchens, wardrobes, or other types of cabinets based on photos, sketches, drawings, or plans submitted by the customer.

Your vision and preferences are our top priority, and we are skilled at bringing your ideas to life with precision and care. Feel free to bring us ideas that you’ve found on websites like Pinterest.com or Houzz.co.uk, or any other sources.

Just attach your photos to the filled form.

How do I get started with my bespoke kitchen project?

Getting started is easy.

Simply contact us to schedule a consultation, and we’ll guide you through the design process, discuss your options, and begin the journey to your dream kitchen or wardrobe.

It’s not only about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.