Corian Kitchen worktops

One of the available worktop solutions possible to install in our kitchen furniture is Corian solid surface worktops. Corian is a well-known material used in furniture and interior design industry for over 50 years. It is non-porous with low Volatile Organic Compounds content, do not promote mould, making it ideal for areas where hygiene is essential.

Corian is also stain-resistant, and what is very important it has the ability to repair and renew the surface, which makes it a long-lasting product. We can manufacture and install not only worktops but also slab kitchen doors, end panels, splashbacks and plinths made of that material. 

What is Corian made of?

Corian is an inert and non-toxic solid surfacing material made of approximately 1/3 acrylic resin and about 2/3 natural minerals. Thanks to that, it has excellent plastic abilities which are the strongest point of this material in comparison to other kitchen worktop solutions. You can find out more about Corian technical information following that link What is Corian the file contains a description in more details provided by Dupont. It is also worth to see Corian in the environment.

Corian worktop fabricator
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Colours and visual options of Corian.

Corian as the material is available in many different colours and decors available to see under this link. However, some of them perform better in the kitchen than others. The manufacturer recommends 65 colours which are made exactly to last longer in the kitchen environment. So it still gives a huge and many times unique choice of patterns possible to gain only with that specific material. Our Customer has a choice within uni colours, fine patterns and, and stone effects. Which can be adapted to match traditional and modern style kitchen furniture.

Colours of corian worktops

We are fabricating and installation of the Corian kitchen worktops.

To have control over the quality and standard of our furniture, we manufacture our Corian worktops as an integral part of our projects in our workshop together with other components. In result, the customer does not have to look for a separate company which next to the hassle-free project process also optimising time from the start of installation to its final effect. We are also happy to the template and install Corian worktops on the existing furniture made by third party suppliers. JS DECO is certified Corian fabricator.

Corian and brass coated kitchen.

Corian pros and cons

As declared by manufacturer Dupont website. Please see the source

Corian benefits

Feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting regards to supply and installation of Corian kitchen worktop or any other kitchen or bathroom furniture elements made of that material.