History behind JS DECO

JS DECO is the business creation of Jacek Sobiś, a qualified expert in wood and furniture manufacturing. Since 1995, Jacek, driven by his passion for the art of making furniture, has steadily been perfecting his craftsmanship and technology.

With a solid educational background and many years of hands-on experience behind his belt in both the Polish and European markets, in 2013, Jacek decided to fund JS DECO, where he successfully joined his passion for quality design with solid craftsmanship.

Jacek strongly believes in the superiority of bespoke, tailor-made furniture over their mass-produced equivalents. While standard pieces limit your choices to what is available on the market, bespoke furniture is built to the perfect fit, reflects the individual style of the owner, and matches the overall character of the design.

Sky (and your dedicated budget) is the limit when choosing from the array of materials, appliances, and furniture solutions available in Jacek’s workshop.

Fully bespoke manufacture workshop.

Our workshop is located in the heart of Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

We constantly improve JS DECO’s production process, employing a wide range of high-quality modern and traditional, eco-friendly furniture manufacturing materials and technologies and making our bespoke fittings exceed in durability and form.

On our manufacturing line, there is no room for mediocrity. It is filled to the brim with modern machinery and devoted craftsmen who strive for perfection.

We developed all necessary departments, including a custom production line and spray shop letting us provide our furniture totally independent from outsourcing and have control over each aspect of the production.

Dedicated in-house design studio

Effective, attractive and ergonomic furniture starts from the optimal design process.

As a part of the complex offer, we provide consultation and design services.

Before your project is passed to the production department, we will ensure that the form you receive meets visual, practical and budget criteria.

To design our furniture, we use 3d software, which provides realistic visualisations making the process much more precise and smooth regarding testing different layouts, colour configurations, forms and proportions.

At JS DECO, we care about quality and our reputation. As a result, we have been endorsed by the most trusted Uk review companies.