Oak veneered with fenix ntm kitchen

Plywood oak veneerd kitchen with Fenix NTM elements.

One of our premium range projects was designed and manufactured for professional use. The beautiful and fictional bespoke kitchen.  It is manufactured with the use of 18mm oak veneered plywood finished with satin lacquer. Partly laminated Fenix NTM doors and completed with Corian and stainless steel worktops. All elements were designed and manufactured to meet the criteria of a professional chef who will use that set-up to prepare meals for the guests visiting a luxury farm-style hotel located in West Yorkshire.






Bespoke oak kitchen

Fenix ntm green kitchen

Oak and plywood fenix kitchen

Oak plywood premium kitchen

Premium plywood kitchen

Oak drawer cabinet

Super finctional bespoke cabinets

Super finctional bespoke cabinets





Fenix and corian kitchen

Bespoke fenix oak kitchen

Oak veneered plywood kitchen in production stage.

Oak veneeredy plywood carcasees4

Oak veneeredy plywood carcasees3

Oak veneeredy plywood carcasees2

Oak veneeredy plywood carcasees1