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Blum Bluemotion – soft close hinges

Door hinges are one of the most used components in the kitchen furniture. Manufacturing kitchen furniture in our workshop we use many different types of hinges depending on technical requirements and customer preferences. But as a rule and priority, we chose components which are high quality and long-lasting to provide a sturdy product, comfortable use of the furniture and minimum maintenance requirements.

Long-lasting premium cabinet hinges.

Best furniture hingesBlum soft close hinges.

One of the best hinges available on the kitchen furniture market and in our offer is Blum Bluemotion soft close system. Those hinges are high-quality components designed and manufactured to deliver soft and effortless closing for cabinet doors. They characterise with a long-lasting time of work, precise adjustment and stability.

Below you can find a video showing the Bluemotion hinges technical specification.

If you would like to see Blum Bluemotion hinges in real use please see this video. The videos are helpful but if you prefer real-life experience we will be happy to invite you to visit our studio workshop where we have display furniture set containing big part of available components. Including worktops, different types of doors and Kitchen Aid appliances.

Push to open handleless kitchens

Blum hinges are also our choice in projects requiring a push to open solutions. We use them to manufacture our truly handleless kitchens. Example of use of TIP-ON mechanical opening system. To see the final effect of this solution in the kitchen furniture you can visit this link.

Push to open kitchensFurniture components Blum lifetime warranty.

Blum blue motion hinges the same as all Blum drawers, lift systems, and pull out storage solutions are covered with furniture live time warranty. And available in two finish solutions: stainless steel and onyx black.


To find out more about the components which are used to build our furniture check component department. Or if you like to see the final effect of our projects visit finished custom made furniture projects.