Modern style fitted wardrobe

Modern style Bespoke bedroom set.

At JS Deco, we recently had the pleasure of transforming three client’s bedrooms into a modern, consistent style set. The client desired a bespoke bedroom set that not only maximized space but also exuded contemporary elegance applied across whole hose to achieve design consitency.

Client’s Requirement: The client approached us with a vision of a sleek, space-efficient bedroom that didn’t skimp on style. Their main concern was creating a cohesive look that could blend seamlessly with different interior styles over time.

Our Solution: We crafted a bespoke bedroom sets that epitomizes modern design while providing functional benefits. Our design centered on features to emphasize minimalism and ease of use and a natural look.

Project Highlights:

Material Selection: We chose high-quality wood effect MFC with a unique grain pattern to ensure durability and a touch of nature, which added warmth to the modern design.

Color Scheme: We opted for a neutral grey palette, allowing the furniture to complement a variety of decor styles and providing a timeless appeal.

Custom Storage Solutions: The bespoke wardrobe was designed to maximize storage without compromising floor space. It includes various compartments like drawers, shelves, and ample hanging space tailored to the client’s needs.

Integrated Bedside Features: We integrated the bedside units with the headboard to conserve space and maintain a streamlined look.


Modern style fitted bedroom set

Modern style fitted bedroom desk

Bespoke bedroom set dark wood and light wood

The project was a resounding success. The bespoke bedroom set not only met the client’s functional needs but also elevated the overall aesthetics of their space. The rooms now feel more spacious and meticulously organized.

We are proud to have delivered a product that beautifully merges aesthetics with practicality, making it a perfect example of our work at JS Deco.