Choosing Your Kitchen Style: The Definitive Guide

The purchase of custom kitchen furniture puts many at a dead end, and it is not surprising: on the modern market there are many models of a wide variety of kitchens. How to choose a kitchen that will be beautiful and modern, ergonomic and convenient, durable and reliable?
First of all, a person needs to decide on the style direction of the interior design of the entire house as a whole and the kitchen in particular. A kitchen in a classic style has its unique features and differences from a kitchen in a style, for example, hi-tech.
The next step is the design stage and the skill and experience of the kitchen assembler. Whether this entire set of parts, fittings, and accessories will turn into the kitchen of your dreams depends on the quality of the master’s work.

Understanding Your Style Preferences

When buying a set, you should familiarize yourself with the range of modern custom made kitchen furniture. It is produced in different design styles, so you can choose a good solution for any interior design option. Among the most popular, we note the following directions: classic, Provence, and modern.
There is a large selection of kitchens in such design styles.You can choose them in different configurations and widths. It is worth noting that when buying, you should consider not only the style of the set itself but also the design of the room. The headset must be combined with other furniture and the general design.

Identifying Your Style

Kitchen design is not just a person’s status, but also a reflection of his inner self.
Each hostess has her ideas about functionality. Fortunately, the modern world of design can satisfy any request. Focusing on the rules of ergonomics and getting acquainted with the main types of planning, you can easily implement the most daring decisions.

Considering Functionality and Practicality

A modern kitchen is a place not only for preparing food, but also a place where the whole family gathers and gathers (after all, there are separate tables not only in apartments but also in houses). This very fact affects the selection of living room furniture. To improve the site and make it more functional, it is not necessary to destroy the planning and paint the walls. The desired effect can be achieved only by carefully choosing and placing the furniture.

Exploring Popular Kitchen Styles

kitchen design layout
In the kitchen, you can use not only one style, but their combinations, but in reasonable proportions. All the same, one style should be the main one, and the rest should complement it.
If the kitchen is large, with high ceilings, you can choose classic, retro, or baroque. The interior of a spacious kitchen with large windows can be decorated in a loft style. Dark, but not gloomy shades look best in a classic interior. Contrasting combinations, for example, neutral shades and bright color accents are characteristic of the Art Nouveau style. Pastel shades of green, olive, and lavender are features of the Provence style.
When choosing a design direction, consider not only the latest trends but also personal preferences.

Contemporary Kitchen Style

Distinctive features of a modern kitchen are kitchen furniture manufacturers with clear shapes, completely unexpected color solutions, and a combination of textures. Such an interior is characterized by a rich palette of colors, ranging from muted pastel tones to bright berry shades. Belonging to the Art Nouveau style will be emphasized by perfectly flat glossy surfaces, smooth rounded shapes, darkened glass, and the presence of plastic, steel, and chrome elements.

Traditional Kitchen Style

The classic style is characterized by:

  • Smooth features in the interior and calm light shades.
  • For a spacious kitchen, the classic design style is most often used.

In the interior of a kitchen of this style, the walls are decorated with noble wood, wallpaper with plant patterns, or plain wallpaper for painting.

Rustic Kitchen Style

The interior in the Rustic style is made with the maximum use of natural materials. The color palette is filled with warm shades: beige, sand, brown, and milky. The walls of the kitchen can be decorated with wallpaper with plant patterns, wooden slats or even plastered. The furniture is made of wood and has simple shapes.

Industrial Kitchen Style

The main features of the style:

  • Spacious premises with minimal decoration.
  • Raw brick walls, cold concrete floors, and intricately designed shelves.
  • The decoration is as simple as possible, it is practically absent.

In this style natural fabrics are used.

Farmhouse Kitchen Style

The country style is especially attractive for those who want to recreate the cozy atmosphere of country houses at home. The interior should be endowed with pastoral decor, handmade products, a variety of textiles, shabby furniture, and decoration.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Kitchen Style

When choosing a style, you should be guided by the following criteria:

  • Functionality.
  • Reliability.
  • Practicality. It is very important to properly plan the entire space.
  • Modernity, pleasant appearance.

At the same time, do not forget that the interior design of the kitchen should fit into the overall composition of the entire apartment.


When choosing a kitchen manufacturer, the price factor is also important. Furniture for the kitchen is not a cheap purchase, but thanks to common sense and the professional advice of specialists, a reasonable compromise between price and quality can always be found.

Space and Layout

It is important for careful housewives that the kitchen space is comfortable. It is important in the organization of space in the kitchen is the so-called working triangle – the trajectory of constant movements between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. The distance between the “vertices” of the conditional triangle should be minimal.

Materials and Finishes

Modern headsets are made from different types of raw materials. The most common board materials have become: chipboard and MDF. They are made of crushed wood shavings, which are fastened with the help of special resins. Plates are formed from the obtained mass, which is subjected to drying and further design.


The solution of the organization of kitchen lighting should be carried out at the stage of thinking about the repair and decoration of the kitchen. Proper lighting of a kitchen, even a small one, is multi-level lighting.

Storage and Organisation

An important element in the planning of the kitchen is also a convenient layout of the kitchen space, subject to the basic principles of an ergonomic kitchen. The correct distances between each element of the work triangle (sink, stove, and refrigerator) should not exceed 2-2.5 meters. The kitchen set with all the necessary equipment will be located in such a way as to make the cooking process as easy, comfortable, and fast as possible.

Bringing Your Kitchen Style to Life

Accessories and living plants in interiors dilute the atmosphere with freshness and bright colors and continue the eco-trend for naturalness. Pay attention to phyto-elements in the form of compositions in elegant vases, plants in marble pots, or even mini-gardens for growing micro-greens.

Incorporating Color and Texture

Shades of furniture largely affect the perception and comfort in the house. Kitchens today can be chosen in different colors: saturated, bright, pastel, and imitating natural textures. For small rooms, it is better to choose monochromatic sets. Separately, we note that neutral design options are more universal.

Adding Decorative Elements

Small decor and kitchen accessories profitably complement and emphasize the overall style of kitchen interior design. Dish sets placed on open shelves act as decor. Uhonne utensils made “under marble” look extremely fashionable.

Integrating High-Tech Appliances

Household appliances are the main equipment of every kitchen. There is a great selection of high-tech cooking devices on the market. Correctly selected equipment can not only increase the comfort of using the kitchen but also affect the aesthetic design of the room.

When planning the arrangement of the kitchen of your dreams, you need to focus not only on its aesthetic qualities, and the adopted interior style but also on the equipment that will be built into the room, which will also determine its final look and style. Furniture and appliances should form a harmonious whole and harmonize with each other.

Summing Up the Importance of Choosing the Right Kitchen Style

The choice of design style for the kitchen depends primarily on the interior of the entire apartment or house: all rooms must be combined to look harmonious. Whether you will be comfortable in your kitchen will depend on your choice.

Encouragement to Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams.

Think, analyze, and decide! Creating a dream kitchen in your home is a difficult but feasible task. And if you take into account all the nuances, then you will probably cope with it.