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Black plywood fenix 2000 bespoke kitchen

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With JS DECO kitchens, you don’t have to adjust to living in a mass-produced space.  From design to manufacture to installation, we’re there to help. This results in fully customized fitted kitchens, including hand-painted kitchensplywood kitchens, ceramic, Fenix NTM, metallic, stone, and many more configurations.

Your kitchen furniture is designed to maximize its potential and last. This is similar to ordering a bespoke suit – you get exactly the colours, cut, and finish that you want, with the guarantee of quality materials and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. This is a priority for us.


Take advantage of your bedroom’s potential. Our furniture are designed to evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation and to make your space look inviting and cozy. We use high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure that our wardrobes are durable and long-lasting. Our sliding and classic fitted wardrobes are designed to maximize space and storage potential while also adding a touch of elegance to your space.

By investing in our fitted wardrobes, you can not only maximize space and storage potential but with the use of premium components also give your bedroom a sense of style and comfort that will last foryears to come.


There is no doubt that freestanding furniture can be an important part of any room’s design and functionality.

Here at JS DECO, we manufacture and deliver a wide range of drawer chests, television and multimedia units, office furniture, bespoke desks, fitted alcoves, and complex shelving systems, according to the specifications requested by the customer, using high-quality materials and paying attention to details. 

We can provide you with a quote and availability based on a drawing or picture of your favourite furniture. Check out our previous work.


Moreover, we also manufacture and supply a range of made-to-measure premium fitted bedroom furniture

In the same way that we provide kitchen furniture and wardrobes, our fitted bedroom furniture range is covered with a comprehensive range of services that begins with professional consultation, design, and visualisation. 

Once the project has been accepted, it is manufactured in our workshop and installed on-site at the customer’s residence with careful attention to detail and maximum utilisation of the available space in the bedroom. Some of completed projects.

Do not waste the potential of your space.

Optimise it with premium bespoke furniture.

Classic kitchens

At JS DECO, we recognize the significance of furniture in every home. That’s why we dedicate our expertise to involve you in a collaborative process of crafting a unique space that not only looks great but also brings you immense satisfaction in its everyday use.

Throughout the design, production, and installation of our bespoke furniture, we offer a diverse range of manufacturing techniques, materials, and practical solutions. We empower you to choose the options that truly reflect your personal style and preferences. We understand that decision-making can be challenging, so we patiently address all your inquiries until you are completely content with your selections. Moreover, we provide professional guidance to help you make choices that align with your budget and room layout.

This is how we meticulously create your exceptional, tailor-made kitchen furniture, fitted wardrobes, bedroom furniture sets, or any other hard furniture for your home. We ensure that the end product maximizes the available potential, combining durability, functionality, and ergonomic solutions with materials that justify your investment.

Our Flagship ranges.

Most popular kitchen configurations of this year.

To begin, we would like to showcase some popular configurations that our customers often inquire about. We offer a diverse selection, encompassing both classic and modern designs. Our products are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, providing ample choice. However, we always encourage our customers to infuse their kitchen with their personal touch and individuality. Rest assured, we are here to help you achieve it.

Plywood Line

Plywood kitchens

In today’s market, plywood kitchens and wardrobes are very popular and there is an increasing demand for them. The main reason for this is the fact that it combines exceptional durability with a natural appearance and ecological properties. As long as plywood is finished with water-based products, it is fully recyclable and chemicals-free. Which also makes it exceptionally environmentally friendly.

XTone Line

X tone kitchens

X tone kitchen range, a stunning collection of fully bespoke kitchens meticulously crafted in partnership with Urbatec, a trusted brand under the esteemed Porcelanosa group. With a reputation for supplying top-notch sintered materials, Urbatec ensures the utmost quality. The X tone range caters to the premium and luxury market segments, delivering exquisite craftsmanship and unrivalled design dedicated to the most discerning  customers.

Infinity TM Line

Infinity kitchens

Indulge in the elegance of our Infinity Clay range, a captivating choice that complements our Xtone collection. These kitchens are expertly crafted using engineered materials from Infinity, a prestigious Italian manufacturer known for their extensive experience in the premium and luxury markets. With a proven track record of delivering superior quality, Infinity ensures our kitchens are synonymous with unrivaled craftsmanship and enduring durability.

Fenix NTM Line

Fenixntm bespoke kitchens

It is one of the most popular ranges in our offer. Fenix NTM laminate offers exceptional properties. This finish is popular with those looking for deep matte unicolour handles or handleless finishes. The configuration is highly durable and sustainable. Since we manufacture all kitchens in-house, they can be shaped and sized to meet your exact specifications.

Corian claded Line

Corian kitchens

Discover our exclusive range of Corian-clad kitchens and wardrobes, offering a truly premium experience. Renowned for their remarkable durability, easy maintenance, and impressive resistance to water and chemicals, Corian is the epitome of quality. Additionally, Corian’s inherent plasticity allows for unmatched design flexibility, empowering you to create bespoke and innovative solutions tailored to your unique style and requirements.

Luxury hand-painted kitchens

Hand painted kitchens

Hand-painted kitchens and wardrobes remain highly sought-after, particularly for traditional settings such as farms or Victorian houses. This range offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of colors, sizes, and shapes. It stands as our most versatile line, allowing for complete customization with a wide array of colors available from the extensive RAL palette. Experience the freedom to create the perfect hand-painted furniture to complement your unique space.

This is only a fraction of what we can design and manufacture for you.

In the creation of our bespoke kitchens and wardrobes, we are able to utilize any material accessible locally or sourced globally. This includes exotic woods and veneers, laminates, painted finishes, metallic components, recycled materials, and more. Our uniquely crafted products are geared towards meeting the demands of mid to high-end projects and interior designs, providing our customers with a distinctive value not found in mass-produced furniture.

Share your inspirational images with us, and we’ll provide insights on what we can achieve, along with an estimated timeline for manufacturing and installation.

Strongest points of our kitchens and wardrobes.

Over 20 years of experience in the furniture industry gained in Europe and UK.

Bespoke cabinets

Fully Custom-made cabinets.

In the initial consultation and design phase, we work closely with you to identify the optimal materials for crafting your furniture. Choices range from 18mm EGGER range MDF/MFC to 19mm laminated or veneered birch plywood. For sizes, finishes, and internal organization, we provide comprehensive customization.

Carcasses are tailored to your specifications, accommodating desired shapes, sizes, finishes, and configurations. Our goal is to deliver furniture that seamlessly aligns with your vision and requirements.

Blum premium eqipment

Premium mechanical elements.

When it comes to our kitchen and wardrobe cabinetry, we understand the importance of using reliable mechanical components. Hinges, drawer runners, and lift systems play a crucial role in achieving the desired quality, durability, and comfort of use. That’s why we partner with industry-leading manufacturers like Blum.

In addition to their renowned reputation, Blum offers a lifetime warranty for their products, providing further assurance of their exceptional quality and reliability in the industry.

Kitchen doors and worktops

Doors and worktops

Worktops and doors serve as essential visual and practical components in our kitchens and wardrobes, and we offer a wide range of exclusive door options tailored specifically for our products.

We provide flexibility in terms of product type, size, and material selection. Options include solid wood with lacquers or paints, exotic wood veneers, plywood, laminates, ceramic materials, Corian, and more. In addition to popular styles, we can also create custom doors based on your photos or drawings.

Why furniture made by JS DECO ?

Some significant advantages of choosing to collaborate with us.


Complex service

Our design studio workshop is based in the UK. During the whole process, your project will be managed, manufactured and installed by the same team of specialists. Because of that, we minimise error potential, lead time and communication issues. We care about quality because we put our name on the product we provide.

Total size flexibility

All types of furniture manufactured in our workshop are made exactly to the required size of the room, without compromises which affect functionality and appearance. We do not lead customers to sell standard products. We adapt the product to reach the maximum functionality and durability available for the agreed budget.

Latest trends available

Our workshop is self-sustainable and dedicated to manufacturing individual projects. It gives us a huge advantage over mass manufacturers. We can provide furniture designed and crafted according to the latest trends available in the present market matching Italian, German, or traditional English-style kitchens.


The idea of using only carefully chosen high-quality components to construct our kitchens, wardrobes, and other custom-made cabinets. It brings not only the comfort of use of your furniture but also longevity and being up to date with the latest interior design trends. We do not compete on the price by sacrificing quality.

Cost to quality

Each project is carefully planned so the available budget will result in an optimal visual and functional configuration. We are competitive, especially in premium range kitchens and wardrobes. Also, the fact that we can furnish most of the rooms in your house as one project gives the potential for cost optimisation and form consistency.


From the beginig the main concept of our business was to provide our customers stress free experience during furnishing projects. Years of activity, gave us a chance to develop a very good reputation confirmed by numerous satisfied and returning customers, acreditations and awards including Houzz, Which Trusted Trader, and Checkatrade.

Our furniture is crafted using the best available components.

We can use components from the listed suppliers or any other alternatives in the market.

Some of our recently finished projects

Real pictures of finished furniture not artifical renderings

Value and reason of getting bespoke furniture.

Investing in bespoke furniture allows for complete design control, tailored to your taste and space. Crafted with exceptional quality and meticulous craftsmanship, bespoke pieces are built to last. They offer versatility, maximizing space utilization and functionality.

With personalized designs, bespoke furniture becomes an expression of your style and individuality. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, it holds its value over time and can become a treasured heirloom. By investing in bespoke furniture, you create a unique living environment that reflects your personality, while enjoying durable and timeless pieces that bring long-term satisfaction.

What is the cost of a bespoke kitchen or bedroom?

We will optimise your furniture according to the dedicated budget.

Fenix Verde Brac

When it comes to designing your furniture, we place great importance on selecting the finest quality components that align with your predetermined budget. Our completed kitchen projects typically fall within the range of £15k to £40k, providing exceptional value for your investment. However, our expertise extends to luxury sets as well, with experience in projects ranging from £50k to £100k.

For wardrobes and bedroom sets, you can expect costs to range between £5k and £15k, depending on the intricacy of the design and the materials used. During our consultation process, we carefully calculate the price based on your specific requirements, ensuring that we tailor the design complexity and material selection to achieve a dedicated budget that suits you.

Rest assured, the furniture you receive will be meticulously crafted to be well-designed, ergonomically sound, and of the highest quality. Each piece is manufactured in our Wakefield, West Yorkshire workshop by our team of dedicated professionals. We offer nationwide delivery throughout the United Kingdom, allowing you to choose whether you prefer your furniture to be installed by your own selected fitters or by our own skilled team.

Private Customers

Private customer

If you’re a self-managing customer, we provide no-obligation consultations via phone, email or during a visit to the studio. Our team will discuss your project, define a budget, and suggest the optimal configuration.

Enjoy the benefits of competitive pricing, particularly for a premium segment or mid-range products, and the convenience of purchasing directly from a manufacturer who is committed to your satisfaction.

Interior designers cooperation.

Interior designers

Interior and kitchen designers are highly valued customers, and we prioritize our collaboration to create customized furniture that precisely meets their needs.
Our services focus on transforming your vision into reality, emphasizing aesthetics, durability, and customer satisfaction.

We understand the vital role your business reputation plays and are committed to providing unwavering support.

Commercial Customers

Commercial customer

We provide architects, kitchen studio owners, housebuilders, and kitchen fitters with dependable, flexible furniture manufacturing services. Consultation, quoting, and design modifications are available, along with technical guidance.Our process ensures unique, durable furniture that fits your budget and enhances property value.

Contact us to become a dealer and forge a long-term partnership.

It’s not only about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.