X-tone faced kitchen

Ceramic faced kitchen furniture.

Ceramic faced kitchen furniture it is the response of JS DECO and Kastner Kitchens for the latest market trends in the interior design industry. One of the available in our offer facing materials is X-tone. It is an innovative ceramic highly durable solution that offers a number of exquisite finishes from concrete to marble a world of long-lasting beauty.

X-tone faced kitchens

X-Tone is a sintered mineral compact, obtained from the purest natural minerals with the most advanced technology development and design. Durable, elegant, and functional is available in 6mm and 12mm thicknesses. 6mm option we are using as a facing MDF or plywood materials the 12mm is applied for worktop solutions and also as a self-sufficient construction solution for kitchen furniture doors.

Kitchen studio Ilkley, Ceramic faced kitchen furniture

Physical properties of ceramic faced kitchens

  • Hygiene: Ideal for direct contact with food, it does not release volatile organic compounds (VOC), and also prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
  • Scratch resistance: Extremely resistant to scratching with cutting utensils when taking minimum precautions. Capable of absorbing the energy from impacts and loads, maintaining its integrity.
  • Water Resistance: The non-porosity of the sintered compact prevents the absorption of liquids and gases, preventing the accumulation of odours.
  • Strength: In the thickness of just 12 mm, it offers greater mechanical strength than other natural or compact surfaces.
  • Fire & Heat: It is resistant to direct contact with hot utensils. Fireproof and fire-retardant, its look and performance are not altered. Stable to sudden temperature changes, it withstands the most extreme cold conditions, being suitable both indoors and outdoors.
  • Chemical & Stains: Easy daily maintenance without the need for special products. Quality assured backed by the material’s 10-year guarantee. Unalterable to household chemicals and high resistance to any type of stains. UV-resistant, it ensures unparalleled durability thanks to its surface stability.
  • Sustainability: High-quality natural minerals are sintered in a new homogeneous compound that can be completely regenerated after its life cycle.


Kitchen furniture ceramic faced

This type of material is working really well in modern style designs, especially in handleless concepts

We can also provide a similar solution with the use of Corian components which give our customers and retailers even bigger choice to use in their interior designs and projects.

Ceramic faced kitchens supplier.

The display kitchen presented on the above photos is available to see among the others in the

Kastner kitchens studio based in Ilkley, 6 Crescent Court, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 8DE.


Ceramic claded kitchen furniture.

X-tone kitchens
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Currently, this type of kitchen is available in two options that we offer in retail and B2B distribution.

XTone kitchens

XTone Ceramich Kitchens
XTone Kitchens


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 Customers, interior designers and furniture studios interested in that innovative range are more than welcome to contact us. We will be happy to provide more information about potential cooperation to feel free to call or email us. Alternatively For the private customers please use the contact form, and for commercial, become a dealer form.